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Did I have to show you guys how to write a work order all right this is a typical work order I can when they work on your card filling it out right there she will still love you they'll fill out the name of the person's car since this is my car I'll show you all right y'all they also write down the telephone number and the date they worked on your car so today's date is the 30th of April all right then they get into your car and they tuck write down a dollar all right so the odometer reading is 167 473 all right I'll write that down do a point change on it so I gotta write down what that was and then right stick it up or what's going G all right next is the bit number all VIN numbers are located right here in the lower windshield it's pretty probably going to be a little hard to see but they're all located right there alright then no words are really long and really hard for that little space alright next year right now they write down the make and model want my car is a Volvo s70 alright they also write down your license plate number I'm doing an oil change would be a circle down here on the bottom of the work order a good circle quarts of oil all right all right you also have to figure out what size engine you have usually and and other makes and models there's a sticker on the hood usually right about here that says what year and what size engine you have but for Volvo's you just actually plot owner's manual and they tell you what size engine you have so you just look at the size engine you have and that can roughly tell you how many quarts of oil your car's going to take alright since oil change is all done and oil filters they've put on they'll write down how they only put on one oil filter all right oil filter and the price which here is $9.95 it's quite a bit all right then down here with the quarts of oil since my car took six quarts all right six quarts and that's six quarts it takes six quarts cost $33 which is 550 a court there right circle oil over here pop you two over $33 all right the shock miscellaneous is usually just $5 all right over here they'll write down hello up which stands for Lu oil and filter all right and it usually takes about a half an hour that's 34 which actually now takes about 15 minutes let's $17 for labor all right pull the parts which is just the oil filter it's 995 all right and we'll get a calculator figure out the tax all right figure out the tax you just add everything up all right since taxes five and a half percent you times everything by 5 but zero point zero five five all right so tax is at that total their taxes $3.57 all right well there's a 57 cents so total cost of the oil change going to be sixty eight dollars and fifty two cents altogether that's a pretty it's very fast ice pack or an oil change all right well that's all hope you guys learned something hopefully you guys if the any of you guys come Candace you learn all you learn something and you guys can do it a little bit better than I did you
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